Dojo: breaking in IE*

If your dojo based website breaks in IE browsers and not in others, with strange errors in dojo.js then you have to check VERY CAREFULLY for unclosed tags.

I've had this problem - didn't closed one (only one!) div inside a HTML markup node that used dojoType and viola - dojo threw a "NICE" js error in IE (you know how js is debuged in IE don't ya?) :-)

So be very very careful when closing tags and using IE+dojo :-)

IE8 and Opera 10 absolute positioning problems

IE8 and Opera 10 differs to ALL other browsers (FF3, Safari, Chrome, IE6, IE7) in positionin an absolute element inside a div.
If you have something like this:

If you don't put the right: 0px the element won't keep it's original position an will go to the left side of the div becase IE8 and Opera will put default left: 0px if nothing set.
All other browsers will keep a's original position (no left: 0px;)
hope that help to someone.
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