Fun with JavaScript... I don't recommend this in your code! :-)

Facebook, FB.Connect - write nice js code and reuse code call...

I'm writing a poc code that calls some FB.Connect methods.
As a quick and nasty code reuse I've come up with this code:

A method that inits and makes the actual code:
function fbCall(code) {
    FB_RequireFeatures(["XFBML"], function(){
        FB.Facebook.init('ApiKey', '/xd_receiver.htm', null);
        FB.ensureInit(function () {
so far so good - it all seems ok.
Here comes the tricky part. I wanted to be able to call multiline variable with comments in it - a normal js code but encapsulated in somethind...
If you don't know in JS you can't have multiline variable, and if you have something like:
    var mycall = 'FB.Connect.showFeedDialog(
//here we put some data...
comment_data, '', "Awesome", null, 
FB.RequireConnect.promptConnect, function(){alert("Callback");}, fortune, user_message);';
you'll get error while parsing because of the new lines.
If you replace the new lines with ' ' you'll get the whole code after a comment - commented exept you don't use / /

The solution is this:
function fbCall(code) {
    FB_RequireFeatures(["XFBML"], function(){
        FB.Facebook.init('ApiKey', '/xd_receiver.htm', null);
        FB.ensureInit(function () {
function askPerms() {
    var c = function() {
Notice the difference between two fbCall functions - the second one calls code as a function - it do not evals it.
This way you can write up your code inside the c 'function' variable and call it after that.
It's a bit tricky while you get it how it works but the code looks more readable after that.


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