PKGSRC NetBSD update/upgrade Howto

1. Fetch the pkgsrc:

1.1. SUP way:
sup -v /path/to/your/supfile.

and this is short sample supfile:
nbsd# cat /root/sup-current
current release=pkgsrc hostbase=/home/sup/supserver \
base=/usr prefix=/usr backup use-rel-suffix compress delete

1.2. CVS way:
$ export CVSROOT=""
$ export CVS_RSH="ssh"
To fetch a specific pkgsrc stable branch from scratch, run:

$ cd /usr
$ cvs checkout -r pkgsrc-20xxQy -P pkgsrc
Where pkgsrc-20xxQy is the stable branch to be checked out, for example, “pkgsrc-2009Q1”

This will create the directory pkgsrc/ in your /usr/ directory and all the package source will be stored under /usr/pkgsrc/.

To fetch the pkgsrc current branch, run:

$ cd /usr
$ cvs checkout -P pkgsrc

2. Update the pkgsrc repository:

2.1. SUP way

sup -v /root/sup-current

2.2. CVS way:

$ export CVSROOT=""
$ export CVS_RSH="ssh"
$ cd /usr/pkgsrc
$ cvs update -dP

When updating pkgsrc, the CVS program keeps track of the branch you selected. But if you, for whatever reason, want to switch from the stable branch to the current one, you can do it by adding the option “-A” after the “update” keyword. To switch from the current branch back to the stable branch, add the “-rpkgsrc-2009Q3” option.

3. Updating a package:

cd /usr/pkgsrc/package/
make update

4. Update packages on remote server. If you have them already installed - check which one is for update:
security checks:
/usr/sbin/pkg_admin -K /var/db/pkg fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities

then do:
pkg_add -uu http://pkgserver/path/to/Pkg.tgz

this will update the package form remote with all dependent packages!

some links:

To install packages directly from an FTP or HTTP server, run the following commands in a Bourne-compatible shell (be sure to su to root first):

# PATH="/usr/pkg/sbin:$PATH"
# export PATH PKG_PATH
# pkg_add package.

OR directly:

# pkg_add http://...../


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