Test your sites with more than one browser or what web developers use for testing their websites...

In my daily work, I need to test sites I work on with a lot of browsers.

Another common problem is testing a website as a different users - anon users, registered users, admins etc.

This is the list of browsers I use in Linux and Windows.

in my Linux (Debian stable or Ubuntu depends on which machine):

  1. Firefox (www.getfirefox.com) - my favorite! I use it on hourly basis :-). It's a lot of features, plugins and of course something that's a must for a web dev - firebug.

  2. Opera (www.opera.com) - my second choice - Awesome browser!!! Feature rich, perfect for casual user. It has integrated mail client, torrent client. Also has a developer toolbar, but It was hard for me to get used with.

  3. Galeon (galeon.sourceforge.net)- advanced gnome web browser. uses gecko engine. pretty thin and quick.

  4. Epiphany (projects.gnome.org/epiphany) - the default gnome web browser. Light, solid, gecko based, won't eat up your memory as firefox does. :-) Of course it misses some features.

  5. Konqueror (www.konqueror.org) - Default KDE3 web (and file) browser (as all KDE apps - qt based). If you have KDE (and all qt as dependent) libs installed, you can use/install it, otherwise - no point installing so much bloat for nothing. This one uses khtml engine but I've faced a lot of
    annoying problems while using it. It was removed from kde4 [maybe I'm wrong?but it's not default filebrowser anymore? correct me if I'm wrong].

in Windows (XP Pro, yes I have a license coming with my laptop):

  1. Firefox

  2. Opera

  3. Chrome - very light. very fast. uses khtml engine for html/css representation. pretty cool, but not for me. I prefer opera if want a light experience. :-)

  4. Safari - apple browser, but for windows. Uses khtml engine. I don't like it very much, but it's pretty slick (as all mac programs). Used only for testing :-)

  5. Internet explorer7 (and 6, 8 in different VirtualBox machines. DUMB MicroS!!! They don't provide descent way of installing all three on one windows!!!) - maybe I shall keep silence :-) the link below describes it better.

more funny reading: If browsers were women.

I hope this article is helpfull. Please share your experience with me.



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