Protect yourself from accidentally halting a server.

In Short: use molly-guard (debian name)
While reading my 10 unix command line mistakes I've saw the wrong halting machine command.
It's nasty to halt some server instead of your local desktop.
I use molly-guard (on Debian servers - not avaliable in FreeBSD. dunno for other linuxes? any comments?) to protect myself from this kind of mistake.
It modifies the halt/shutdown script and asks you for the hostname of the server before shutdown if from ssh session.
#>apt-get install molly-guard

when installed if you try to shutdown or reboot:
storm:/home/valqk# halt
W: molly-guard: SSH session detected!
Please type in hostname of the machine to reboot: ^C
Good thing I asked; I won't halt storm ...
W: aborting reboot due to 30-query-hostname exiting with code 1.

molly-guard saved the world for me again! :-)
have a nice Friday evening!


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