Howto: Migrate linux (debian lenny) from one single disk to two mirrored/lvm-ed disks?

I've got a server (actually my desktop testing machine) with two brand new installed 2x1T disks.
I'm going to setup the disks like this:
3 partitions:
1 swap (we really don't need abstractions for just keeping swap)
2 boot partition in md raid1 (grub2 really sux, so no boot from lvm support in the old one...)
3 all othe space for md raid1 and lvm over it.
It's a good idea to use lvm because you can always add another disk and also can make snapshots... and in short - have more fun with space allocating.

1. partition the two disks identically:
#> fdisk -l /dev/sdb
Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/sdb1 1 974 7823623+ 82 Linux swap / Solaris
/dev/sdb2 975 1461 3911827+ fd Linux raid autodetect
/dev/sdb3 1462 121601 965024550 fd Linux raid autodetect

(yes, I know the boot partition is quite big, but there is a lot of space and I prefer to have more space than to wonder wtf I've done... happened few timesof course :-D)

2. create raids.
#> mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level=1 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sdb2 /dev/sdc2
and activate
#> mdadm --readwrite /dev/md0
be sure it's sync-ing
#> cat /proc/mdstat
Personalities : [raid1]
md0 : active raid1 sdc2[1] sdb2[0]
3911744 blocks [2/2] [UU]
[=>...................] resync = 5.2% (206848/3911744) finish=0.5min speed=103424K/sec

do the same for lvm raid partitions....

3. format boot partition (I'll use etx3) and copy boot files in there.
#> mkfs.ext3 /dev/md0
#> mount /dev/md0 /mnt/
#> cd /mnt/
#> cp -a /boot/
#> cd grub
WARNING: sda2 is supposed to be your current partition.
#> sed -i'' -e 's/\/boot\//\//g' -e 's/sda2/mapper\/1tb-root/g' menu.lst
#> cd /;unmount /mnt

4. create physical volume on md1.
#> pvcreate /dev/md1
Physical volume "/dev/md1" successfully created

5. create volume groups - my vg name 1tb
#> vgcreate -A y 1tb /dev/md1
Volume group "1tb" successfully created

6. then add root volume group. mkfx.ext3.mount and copy the currently running root system in new root partition...
#> lvcreate -A y -L 30G -Z y -n root 1tb
#> mkfs.ext3 /dev/1tb/root
#> mount /dev/1tb/root /mnt
#> cd /mnt
#> cp -a {/bin,/cdrom,/emul,/etc,/home,/initrd*,/lib,/lib32,/lib64,/media,/opt,/root,/sbin,/selinux,/srv,/tmp,/usr,/var,/vmlinuz*} .
#> mkdir dev proc sys mnt misc boot
#> cd etc
#> sed -i'' -e 's/sda2/mapper\/1tb-root/g' fstab
WARNING: There is a nasty bug with initramfs tools described here:
You MUST set root to /dev/mapper/VGNAME-LVNAME otherwise you won't get lvm support in your kernel.
#> echo "/dev/md0 /boot ext3 defaults 0 0" >> fstab
#> mount -o bind /dev /mnt/dev
#> mount -o bind /prov /mnt/proc
#> cp -a /boot/ /mnt/boot/
#> chroot /proc
#> update-initramfs -u -t -k `uname -r`
#> exit
reboot the machine, edit the grub menu by hand to boot from (hd0,0) as boot and load /dev/mapper/1tb-root as root.
login as root and make:
#> cd /boot; mkdir oldrootfs; mv
oldrootfs; mv -fr oldrootfs/boot/* .;
edit grub/menu.lst to have / instead ot /boot/ dirs.
#> grub-install --root-directory=/ "(hd0)" (described in /usr/share/doc/grub/README.Debian.gz
(root-directory is where the boor partition is on hd0, if you put /boot/ then in live system you'll have /boot(md0)/boot/)...
reboot again and it must be ok now.

7. Install grub on both disks as described here...

8. reboot and disable hdd from bios. the system should boot normally and you should see that you are using the lvm root partition.


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