DomPDF with UNICODE UTF-8 Support! At last!

A colleague of mine spent some time and was able to make DomPDF library to run with almost ALL UTF-8 alphabets displayed.
Until now I was using TCPDF. It supports UTF-8 from a lot of time, but has crappy way of generating documents - VERY simple HTML support and A LOT of calls to internal methods so you can documents looks like the HTML page.

As far he explained to me the problem was generating proper fonts.

DomPDF with UTF-8 Support

UPDATE: Because DomPDF is "the memory MONSTER" (30pages table eat up about 1.5Gigs! GEE!!!) we are now using wkhtmltopdf. It's AMAZINGLY fast and keeps the memory footprint low (same page that took about 2-3min and 1.5Gigs ram for dompdf wkthml uses about 100-200mb and 20-40sec.)
The funny thing is that it's webkit based and renders PERFECTLY everything on each page I've tested with.
It's simply SWEET!