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Q: Why does Apache Web server in Debian has 'It works!' page as it's default host?
A: Because after you have setupped a complex VirtualHost configuration for half an hour or more (yesh, there can be such), it's nice to see that 'It worked!'
--answered by valqk. :-D

Debian HP SmartArray RAID monitoring.

You need to install 2 utils to monitor and query your smart array:

apt-get install arrayprobe cpqarrayd
the one is a daemon that logs events from the controller - cpqarrayd (thanks velin)
arrayprobe is the cli tool.

More links on the topic:
source I've got this from.
driver and utils page.

if you have faulty drive

hope that helps.


In squeeze there is no cpqarrayd and arrayprobe is not that good.
You can use the hp tools provided in debian packages.
Simply add this source:

deb http://downloads.linux.hp.com/SDR/downloads/ProLiantSupportPack/Debian/ squeeze/current non-free

#> apt-get update && apt-get install hpacucli

This is the way this CLI is being used: hpacuclu usage
p.s. not yet figured out about monitoring. hp-health is something I've read but didn't tested yet.